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Wolfgang Moroder

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Ortisei BZ



Oct 06, 2010 FMF ID: 17976

Measurement of nuchal translucency

Dear Wolfgang Moroder,

Thank you for submitting your logbook of 3 images. I examined each image for the following criteria: magnification (head and thorax only), mid-sagittal section of the face, neutral fetal position (no flexion or extension), calliper placement, maximum lucency, and thin nuchal membrane (see table below).

Image number
Criteria 1 2 3
True mid-sagittal section
Neutral fetal position
Calipers "ON-to-ON"
Maximum lucency
Thin nuchal membrane

Legend: = pass        = fail        -- = not possible to assess

The distribution of your nuchal translucency measurements

You have examined a total of 301 fetuses. The median of your NT distribution is 0.02 mm above what it should be. The scatter of your results is 1.17 times wider than what it should be.

Assuming you screen by NT alone, your detection rate for a false positive rate (FPR) of 3% will be 68.0%, compared to the expected 72.0%.  If you screen by NT and biochemistry, the detection rate for a FPR of 3% will be 85.0%, compared to the expected 86.0%.

In screening by NT and biochemistry at a risk cutoff of 1 in 100 the FPR and detection rate should be 2.7% and 84% respectively. On the basis of your distribution the values would be 2.9% and 85.0%.

Your distribution of NT meets the FMF criteria.

Re-audit schedule

Your images are satisfactory and the distribution of your NT measurements was good. Your name will now be included on the list of certified sonographers with a satisfactory audit on the FMF website. Your license has been extended for one year; your next audit is due in Sep 06, 2011 and your license expires in Oct 06, 2011.

Best wishes,

Olga Torres Khoury